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PPERRIA Annual Meeting
PPERRIA Annual Meeting, April 28th

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This website is intended to be the official website for the Minneapolis PPERR neighborhood. It's for the benefit of the entire neighborhood, and is funded, developed, supported and operated for the neighborhood by PPERRIA.

About Prospect Park...

2012 Welcome Brochure [588Kb PDF].

The "Prospect Park and East River Road (PPERR) Neighborhood" is the official city government designation for an area in the very southeastern part of Southeast Minneapolis. We who live here enjoy its urban-village feel—a small town in the big city—where we can walk to: work, recreation, shopping, and community meetings & events. We have two community centers: Luxton and Pratt. Our closest institutional neighbor is the University of Minnesota; we are not only close to both downtowns (10 minutes each by car and 20 minutes by bus), but also we are centrally located to any place in the Twin Cities area.

Our sense of place is heightened because we have clear geographic boundaries.

  • On the west: the University of Minnesota;
  • the south: the Mississippi River;
  • the east: the city boundary between Minneapolis and St. Paul; and
  • the north: the railroad tracks and SE industrial area.

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PPERRIA Annual Meeting: Monday, Apr 28, 2014, 6 p.m. Profile Event Center, 2630 SE University Ave Mar PPERRIA NL Feb PPERRIA NL