PPERRIA - Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association

Prospect Park United Methodist Church
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2828 SE University Ave, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55414

mailing address:
66 SE Malcolm Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Website: www.pperria.org

Organized in 1901 (making it the oldest neighborhood association in Minneapolis) PPERRIA, is the PPERR Neighborhood organization—with all residents eligible to join. Born out of the opposition to the city proposal to level Prospect Park hill, our neighborhood through PPERRIA has embraced controversial issues, be it the I-94 freeway construction in the 1960's, school closings in the 1970's, the repaving project in the early 1980's, safety and security lighting of the late 1990's, etc.

Meetings are held in the lower level of the Prospect Park United Methodist Church, SE Malcolm & SE Orlin Ave, 4th Monday of each month, 7:00-9:00 p.m (except August and December).

We have a recent collection of all available Meeting Minutes and PPERRIA Newsletters.

Through the decades, PPERRIA's monthly meetings resemble town meetings with attendance the envy of other Minneapolis neighborhood organizations. A typical meeting will have between 20 and 55 people—high participation mostly because of our unusually large, elected 40-person council. In late 1980, PPERRIA incorporated as a non-profit organization, formalizing the 40-person volunteer council into a 40-person volunteer "board of directors".

The group actively addresses local issues directly affecting our neighborhood. PPERRIA Committees and Task Groups addresses issues such as: block club organizing, zoning and land use changes, schools, taxes, traffic changes, parks, arts, recreation, housing rehabilitation, historic preservation, and environment. From 1995-2008, PPERRIA has managed the PPERR Neighborhood's NRP program. Also in 1995, an Executive Committee of officers began meeting monthly in between membership meeting to help manage the volume of decisions generated by NRP projects, and now those affecting our neighborhood with development caused by the Central Corridor LRT line.

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