Pratt Centennial September 14-19, 1998

Pratt in 1898

Sidney Pratt School Centennial by Bill Kahn

You are invited to join in festivities celebrating Pratt's 100th birthday. Events are scheduled every day from September 14-19, 1998.

During the planning process someone suggested describing the neighborhood as it existed in 1898, when the school was built. trees were shorter then and no utility lines stretched above the residents' heads as they struggled along the unpaved streets and sidewalks.

Residents traveled to downtown Minneapolis and St. Anthony Falls on an interurban commuter train that ran just north of 4th St. SE through what used to be the Eustis farm. (The family home still stands at 3107 4th St. SE, the original location). A station at Malcolm Avenue was the Prospect Park stop.

By 1890 approximately 37 houses had been built in the Park, with another 42 added during the next 8 years. The figures are approximate since many home repairs (even whole buildings) appeared without the benefit of a city building permit. A street-by-street, house-by-house examination of the permit records reveals the addresses and ages of neighborhood homes and, from September 14-19, signs will be placed in front of pre-1898 houses. A map showing these locations will be available by Sept. 14 at Pratt, Luxton Park Tower Grocery, and Schneider Drug. There is a Mystery House photograph, taken in the early 20th century, on the reverse side of the map. The house is listed on the map, but it is for you, the reader/architectural sleuth, to figure out the address. The first person to call in with the correct address will receive a $50 gift certificate from Restoration Hardware on Grand Ave. in St. Paul.

Thursday night speakers:

Ever wonder what to do with all those old keys of unknown use and origin? Drop them in the yellow buckets at Pratt!

We need one million keys for the Pratt fountain, to be located in front of the Orlin Avenue entrance, and to be designed by our local (81 Arthur Ave.) professional fountain creator, Doug Freeman. Freeman will present "Public Art: Duluth to Tokyo" at Prospect Park United Methodist Church on Wed. October 7, 1998 at 7:30 PM. See his work, "Fountain of the Wind," in Duluth's Canal Park and in photographs on display at Pratt.

Schedule of Pratt Centennial Events

Date / Event Time Location
Monday, September 14
Schoolyard Activities from 1898 5:30-7:00P Village Green & Tower Hill *
Birthday Cake & Lemonade 7:00P Room 101
Galumph Performance troupe † 7:15P Main Level
Turn of the Century Storytime 8:00P Room 101
Tuesday, September 15
Primary Election Day Ward 2, Precinct 5 7:00A-8:00P Pratt Gym
Farmer's Market 2:00-6:00P Sidney Pl. Parking Strip
Family Fun Parade 5:30P Join in at on Sidney Place
Flagpole Dedication: Cub Scouts 6:00P Village Green
Potluck Picnic 6:30P Village Green *
Birthday Cake & Lemonade 7:00P Village Green *
Wednesday, September 16
What Pratt is all about today:
The Loft will hold an open house
Pratt Community Ed. will provide info
and present half-hour sample classes
Birthday Cake & Lemonade 7:30P Lower Level
Thursday, September 17
The Feng Shui of Pratt • Judith Kroening 7:00P Gym
This Old Neighborhood: An Informal Symposium• Charlene Roise • David Lanegran • Robert Roscoe
Birthday Cake & Lemonade 9:00P Gym
Friday, September 18  
School Reunion Day:
• Room 101 will be open to visitors and Past Pratters all day. Bring pictures!
• Catered Supper & Strolling Musicians 5:00-7:00P Lower Level
• Program & Awards 7:00-9:00P Gym
• Birthday Cake & Lemonade Gym
Saturday, September 19
Pancake Breakfast ** 8:30-11:00A Lower Level
Boot Sale/Flea Market ** 9:00A-1:00P Parking Lot
Pet Show 2:00-4:00P Village Green
Tennis Tournament Finals 3:00-6:00P Tower Hill Courts
Saturday Evening Chautauqua: 7:30-9:00P Gym
• Carol Johnson, Minneapolis Superintendent of Schools
• Prospect Park Community Choir
• Poet Laureate Recitation
• Merrilyn Belgum, Queen Mother of Comedy and Pratt Graduate ††
• Special performances by Verna Thornton, pianist; John E. Holmquist, guitarist;
Jon Poppele, juggler; and Eddie Estrin, composer.
• Birthday Cake & Lemonade
* In case of rain, lower level hallway
** Rain Date 9/26/98
Expanded Program available at Pratt & in Commemorative Programs
Souvenir Buttons, Cards, and T-Shirts available for sale at Pratt